5 Small Business Marketing Tips To Increase Online Bookings In 2018

Marketing your small business as we know can be a difficult task. Often small businesses face the obstacle of being short on time and money. However, you also know that if you’re not undertaking any marketing, then your business is unlikely to grow.

Marketing successfully requires time and awareness of the latest trends and emerging channels. Even if you believe in your current marketing campaigns, to maintain that competitive edge can be a challenge. However, don’t despair! Below is our easy to follow and implement top 5 list of small business marketing ideas that could increase bookings for your business in 2018.


1. Special Offers & Promotions

A great surefire way to increase bookings is to run a promotional discount or offer. This could, for example, be anything such as take 5% off your next booking. Better still, you may also want to consider a simple loyalty program to reward existing customers, which would allow for them to earn rewards in the form of discounts for the more repeat bookings they make.


2. Use The Power of Social Media

So you’ve created a great enticing offer that you know new and existing customers would love, but what next? It’s time to promote your offer, and for this one of the best tools you can use is Facebook offers, where you can share exclusive deals and discounts with your followers and customer base.


3.Communicate Your Advantage Over Bigger Businesses and Brands

As a small online service based business, one clear advantage you have is authenticity and almost always the incentive to offer your customers a more personal service. Unfortunately, not all small businesses clearly communicate such advantages to potential customers.

It’s all about brand positioning; you know you’re good at what you do, promote yourself, use the power of social media, and your website to convey this message clearly, and you may soon find that you’ll gain many brand advocates and increase customer referrals, which leads nicely on to the next tip…

4. Customer Referral Schemes

Referral schemes can be a great way of gaining new customers. Many businesses big and small do not always know the true value of customer referrals, and that’s normally down to the simple fact that they’re unable to track it.

By launching and promoting a referral scheme, you can further encourage existing customers to promote your business and services to family, friends, and colleagues. The scheme does not even need to be complex, for example, you may want to offer 10% off future bookings for the existing customer who makes a successful referral.

5. Don’t forget local Marketing

If your business targets local customers to your area, then remember to make sure that your business is listed on relevant directories such as Google My Business, Bing places for business, and if you haven’t already don’t forget to claim your free Yell listing. It’s worth pointing out that if you are already listed, then it’s always a good idea to make sure all of your business details are up to date.

Appointment Scheduling Software To Grow Your Business

That’s our top tips! Finally, if you are a service-based business that takes bookings, then why not taking a look at what 10to8, our free appointment scheduling software, can do for you? We’re confident that with 10to8 you’ll reduce no-shows by 90% and will spend less time on admin while increasing online bookings

Want to know more about how 10to8 can help you with most of these Marketing Tips?

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